Monday, November 26, 2007

Spam and Gujarat Election


Government said that as much as 76 per cent of e-mails originating from India are spams, although the country accounts for only one per cent when compared with top 25 spam-producing nations.
In a written reply, Communication and Information Technology Minister A Raja informed the Lok Sabha: "As per a study conducted on internet security by one of the international industry leaders, the spam origination in India amounts to 76 per cent."

Gujarat Election

I keep on receiving emails from Gujarat - to vote to Modi. Surprisingly most of these spammers are literate and so called Software Engineers ! I am sure they are not getting paid. Early days in my village, political parties used cars to commute voters from their home to the voting booth. Poor villagers never sat in a car and it was a motivation for them to vote ! On the way, driver ( a political supporter) used guide all passengers that put a cross on Hand or Lotus or blah blah. Villagers hadnt good idea about importance of a vote.
Secondly, parties used to pay to painters to make party advertisements on wall.

In this internet era, spammers are like these painters or those drivers ! Painters or drivers were probably doing their business or job. These spammers?! They do spam at the cost of their job ! Most of them use office time to spam ! Mostly they forward emails, because they dont have anything good to write! Neither they have their own mind to decide or think better.

They are eating lots of internet bandwidth ! May be they can convince illiterate internet users !

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