Thursday, September 9, 2010

Google Instant Search

Yesterday Google said and released search as you type. Most of you must have experienced it by now! Google blog for it is here  Though it has fantastic speed to search at the speed of type, but my few points to put on table:
1. Do they need Search button now?!!
2. If search starts after a configurable number of characters wouldn't it be better?! Initial few characters, mostly, would not match with your search keyword. e.g. after 4 characters only instant search starts and you can set your number 4 in settings. Searching for first character I type has rare probability that it would give me correct search, than why to overkill?!


Anonymous said...

Totally Agree with your first point.
2. They have some shortcut letters.
like if you type 'w' it shows weather of your city etc, but as you said, they should keep a checkbox or something so who ever wants to enable it can enable, or whenever we want to enable it(after 4 letters if you prefer).

Friend said...

hello gud morning sir
i appear news paper in gujart samachar in your puzzle so your game answer is 121 i request consider my answer.
today 20 oct 2010.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Mahendra, you are wrong @ 121 penda, because, first friend can devide 3 parts and plus one pendo, so remaing penda are 80, means 79 can not devide in 3 fully equal penda.....

The real answer is 79 total penda.

piyush shah, bhavnagar

Lohit Marodia said...

I agree with Saksharthakkar's 2nd point,They can keep a check box so whenever we enable we should get the result of the word typed instead of just few characters.