Friday, November 2, 2007

Gujarat in the world famous magazine Economist !! I mean yet again !

Godhra Riots not leaving us.. Picture of Gujarat has been changed the after that .. I visited many places after the carnage and everyone asked me about this when they know that I am from Gujarat. Whether I visited Bangalore,Mysore, Untti, Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari, Singapore, California, Niagara, LA, NY or NJ...

And now its in Economist, the world famous economic magazine. Probably this is the first time the news is explored to Gujarat.. it will hit all our local dailies in coming days. Enjoy full story at below link ...

Godhra Riots in Economist Magazine after 5 years

In the first passage, it says "He(Dr. Togadiya) hails from Gujarat, one of India's more go-ahead states, currently run by his friend, Narendra Modi, perhaps the most free-market-oriented of the state leaders."

In reality - he is no more a friend of Modi, as VHP is not going to support him in upcoming elections and probably supporting Keshubapa and\or Uma Bharati.

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