Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hotel, Potel, Motel, No-Tell.. Its Patel

While Keshubhai Patel opposing most-famous current Government of Gujarat, I would like to take time to put down a case study here about Patel(s)...

Just a single cast from Gujarat, is creating a huge competition in US Motel market. Intensity of the competition is so high so that American Hotel Owners are putting a big sign-board outside their motels that "American Owned Motel" ! Americans do not believe in racism but it seems that they dont have other option to survive into the business now !!

To see the depth of the outstanding performance of this story pls visit following links and I am sure its an {inte{r}esting} story !

Time Magazine says -
American Owned & Operated

BBC says this -
"Motel Patel" Theory

Times of India - Patels own so many motels so it better to term it as Potels
Following is the other story from TOI
Gujju Hotels reaches to 42% stack

American asking on net Why are they (patel) so successful in this industry? and a response from book "Patels: A Gujarati Community History in the United States"

My personal experience to add a cent here - till date wherever I stayed in a hotel/motel in US (at least 50 days stay) all of them were Indians except one (Weston in Sillicon Velley), among all Indians owned, except one(Granada Inn in Sillicon Velly is owned by a Punjabi) all rest were Patel.. At Las Vegas (Motel 6) I could not identify the owner. BTW I never selected any stay by selecting owner.

A Single Patel (Sardar) could restructure the shape of India taking power from 560+ Kings in a very short time is the other {inte{r}esting} story from a Patel.

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