Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hello World !

Hello World !

This is first phrase we type-in when we learn any new {computer} language..and here I am trying to put my hands on years old concept called 'blog'

What motivated me to write here -
I read a lot {and forget a lot too}
If I can put summary or few useful lines {those I want to remember}, will help me.

Targeted Audience -
Me.. its ideally for me only..As a bi-product it may attract few others who like my content or {they dont want to read too much to find those few lines}

Frequency ?
It would be totally irregular basis depends on a good moment and mood..{and availability of computer and internet }

Are of my interests -
Technology - being in the industry for more than 10 years, its in blood now.
India {as a developed country}
Business & Economics
little politics
and all {inte{r}esting} areas...

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સુરેશ જાની said...

આટલું બધું લખ્યું .. પણ ક્યાંય તામારું નામ ન મળ્યું. હવે ઈમેલ કરીને આ ડોહાની જિજ્ઞાસા શાંત કરજો.
- સુરેશ જાની