Friday, December 21, 2007

Will asteroid hit Mars this January ?

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Mars could be in for an asteroid hit.

If the asteroid strikes Mars, it will probably hit near the equator close to where the rover Opportunity is exploring.

A newly discovered hunk of space rock has a 1 in 75 chance of slamming into the red planet on January 30, scientists said Thursday.
"These odds are extremely unusual. We frequently work with really long odds when we track ... threatening asteroids," said Steve Chesley, an astronomer with the Near Earth Object Program at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
The asteroid, known as 2007 WD5, was discovered in late November and is similar in size to an object that hit remote central Siberia in 1908, unleashing energy equivalent to a 15-megaton nuclear bomb and wiping out 60 million trees. See where Earth was hit and what happened »
Scientists tracking the asteroid, currently halfway between Earth and Mars, initially put the odds of impact at 1 in 350 but increased the chances this week. Scientists expect the odds to diminish again early next month after getting new observations of the asteroid's orbit, Chesley said.
"We know that it's going to fly by Mars and most likely going to miss, but there's a possibility of an impact," he said.
If the asteroid does smash into Mars, it will probably hit near the equator close to where the rover Opportunity has been exploring the Martian plains since 2004. The robot is not in danger because it lies outside the impact zone. Speeding at 8 miles a second, a collision would carve a hole the size of the famed Meteor Crater in Arizona.

In 1994, fragments of the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 smacked into Jupiter, creating a series of overlapping fireballs in space. Astronomers have yet to witness an asteroid impact with another planet.
"Unlike an Earth impact, we're not afraid, but we're excited," Chesley said.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's the beginning of the end

LONDON, December 18:
Observations of experts at the Institute for Biomedical Research and Sports Epidemiology (IRMES) in France suggest that there will be no new sporting world records after 2060, as humans will have reached their physiological limits by that time.

The researchers followed analysis of 3,260 world records set since 1896, the year of the first modern Olympics. They found that athletes of that time used 75 per cent of their physical capacity, while it has touched 99 per cent mark today. Five disciplines, namely, athletics, cycling, weightlifting, swimming, and speed skating were studied during the study.

Based on their observations, the researchers came to the conclusion that sportsmen would soon start using 100 per cent of their physical capacity. "It's the beginning of the end," the Telegraph quoted Jean-Francois Toussaint, the head of IRMES, as saying. The researchers also reckoned that some current records - such as 10.49 seconds for the women's 100 metres, set by Florence Griffith-Joyner in 1988 - might remain unbroken forever. Toussaint believes that records should be less important than the way a race is run and the quality of the sporting contest in future.

Source: Times Of India

Indian Rail buying crackers, but why ?

Indian Rail - the biggest company in the world by no of employees - has ordered to buy crackers worth Rs. 16 crores ! Do you know why ?

Interesting News

Some of the interesting news :

* Christmas card received after 93 years ! Read it here

* N.D. bank giving $1000 to $500 to their employees to donate ! Read it here

* In Italy a court can decide child-name ! Read it here

* Indian quizmaster hit in Pakistan! Read it here

* The Japanese military destroyed a mid-range ballistic missile in space with an interceptor fired from a ship off Hawaii in a test on Monday.The US military has conducted similar successful tests in the past, but it is the first time a US ally has shot down a ballistic missile from a ship at sea.The interceptor fired by the JS Kongo knocked out the target warhead about 160 km above the Pacific Ocean, said the US Missile Defense Agency, which carried out the test together with the Japanese and US navies.

Monday, December 17, 2007

World's Tallest Buildings !

World's Tallest Buildings as of now !

Googling Self !

By ANICK JESDANUN, AP Internet Writer

More Americans are Googling themselves — and many are checking out their friends, co-workers and romantic interests, too.

In a report Sunday, the Pew Internet and American Life Project said 47 percent of U.S. adult Internet users have looked for information about themselves through Google or another search engine.

That is more than twice the 22 percent of users who did in 2002, but Pew senior research specialist Mary Madden was surprised the growth wasn't higher.

About 60 percent of Internet users said they aren't worried about the extent of information about themselves online, despite increasing concern over how that data can be used.

Americans under 50 and those with more education and income were more likely to self-Google — in some cases because their jobs demand a certain online persona.

Meanwhile, Pew found that 53 percent of adult Internet users admit to looking up information about someone else, celebrities excluded.

Often, it's to find someone they've lost touch with. But looking up information about friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors also was common.

Although men and women equally searched for online information about themselves, women were slightly more likely to look up information about someone they are dating.

In many cases, the search is innocuous, done to find someone's contact information. But a third of those who have conducted searches on others have looked for public records, such as bankruptcies and divorce proceedings. A similar number have searched for someone else's photo.

Few Internet users say they Google themselves regularly — about three-quarters of self-searchers say they have done so only once or twice. And most who have done so consider what they find accurate. Only 4 percent of Internet users said embarrassing or inaccurate information online resulted in a bad experience.

Pew also found that teens were more likely than adults to restrict who can see their profiles at an online hangout like Facebook or News Corp.'s MySpace, contrary to conventional wisdom.

"Teens are more comfortable with the applications in some ways, (but) I also think they have their parents and teachers telling them to be very careful about what they post and who they share it with," Madden said.

The telephone survey of 1,623 Internet users was conducted between Nov. 30 and Dec. 30 last year and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Source: Yahoo News

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sir Win Bischoff

Citigroup directors came up with two separate positions CEO and Chairman this time. Due to limited experience of Vikram Pandit ( only in investment segment).

The new chairman Mr.Bischoff is an interesting personality. The German-born South Africa-educated Briton lead merchant bank Schroders and exedues the global gravitas befitting Citigroup's aspirations. That is why Queen Elizabeth knighted him seven years ago. He is in the board of Turkeys Akbank and in four companies in England. He stays in London, 3458 miles away from Park Avenue, New York.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Google's new tool "knol"

Yesterday Google announced about yet one more service to the community ! Its Google Pedia ! It will definitely compete with wikipedia and I am sure Google will win the race too in short time.

Google offered sharing of ad revenue to authors of their pages. That may be an advantage over wiki. I am sure lots of people will start "blogging" there !

Initial announcement said, web is not having tradition to write Author's name below their articles unlike print media. Still local news paper like Gujarat Samachar still dont write it in print media too !

Read detail story at below link -
Official Google Blog: Encouraging people to contribute knowledge

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Interesting News

* SecondLife's CTO resigned. Cory Ondrejka, employee No. 4 at San Francisco-based Linden Lab, which owns Second Life, quit Tuesday and will depart at the end of the year. CEO Rosedale said in a statement. "Cory and I are in agreement that our paths, at this point in time at least, lie in different directions."

*US Economy : Wholesale prices shot up 3.2 percent, the biggest jump in 34 years, propelled by a record rise in gasoline prices. Meanwhile, consumers put aside worries about the weak economy in November to storm into the shopping malls, pushing up retail sales by the largest amount in six months. The Labor Department reports that new claims filed for jobless benefits dropped to 333,000 last week, an encouraging sign that the job market is holding together despite problems in the economy. And the Commerce Department reports that business inventories grew by 0.1 percent in October, the weakest advance in seven months.

* Glowinf Cats : South Korean scientists have cloned cats by manipulating a fluorescent protein gene, a procedure which could help develop treatments for human genetic diseases, officials said Wednesday.

In a side-effect, the cloned cats glow in the dark when exposed to ultraviolet beams.

A team of scientists led by Kong Il-keun, a cloning expert at Gyeongsang National University, produced three cats possessing altered fluorescence protein (RFP) genes, the Ministry of Science and Technology said.

"It marked the first time in the world that cats with RFP genes have been cloned," the ministry said in a statement.
"The ability to produce cloned cats with the manipulated genes is significant as it could be used for developing treatments for genetic diseases and for reproducing model (cloned) animals suffering from the same diseases as humans," it added.
The cats were born in January and February. One was stillborn while two others grew to become adult Turkish Angoras, weighing 3.0 kilogrammes (6.6 pounds) and 3.5 kilogrammes.
"This technology can be applied to clone animals suffering from the same diseases as humans," the leading scientist, Kong, told AFP.
"It will also help develop stemcell treatments," he said, noting that cats have some 250 kinds of genetic diseases that affect humans, too.
The technology can also help clone endangered animals like tigers, leopards and wildcats, Kong said.
South Korea's bio-engineering industry suffered a setback after a much-touted achievement by cloning expert Hwang Woo-Suk turned out to have been faked.
The government banned Hwang from research using human eggs after his claims that he created the first human stem cells through cloning were ruled last year to be bogus.
Hwang is standing trial on charges of fraud and embezzlement.

* Interesting Contest : Words to live by, from a warning label on a small tractor: "Danger: Avoid Death." That warning was selected Wednesday as the winner of the 11th annual "Wacky Warning Label Contest," sponsored by Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch. The contest is part of an effort to show the effects of lawsuits on warning labels.

Kevin Soave of Farmington Hills, a Detroit suburb, won the $500 grand prize for submitting the tractor's "Danger: Avoid Death" label.
The $250 second place was given to Carrianne, Jacob and Robby Turin of Greensburg, Pa., for a label they found on an iron-on T-shirt transfer that warns: "Do not iron while wearing shirt."
Richard Goodnow of Lancaster, Mass., earned the $100 third-place prize for a label on a baby stroller featuring a small storage pouch that warns: "Do not put child in bag."
Contest organizer Bob Dorigo Jones says the silly labels reflect how broken America's civil justice system is.
"Predatory lawyers know they can file ridiculous lawsuits against innocent product makers and blackmail them into a cash settlement — even in cases in which a user has ignored common sense," Dorigo Jones said in a statement Wednesday.
Honorable mention went to Cyndi LaMonde of Traverse City for a label on a letter opener that says: "Caution: Safety goggles recommended."
Ann Marie Young of Fillmore, N.Y., took the second honorable mention for a warning she found which cautions users: "The Vanishing Fabric Marker should not be used as a writing instrument for signing checks or any legal documents."
The group selected a list of finalists and listeners of WOMC-FM's Dick Purtan show chose the winners.
Source: Yahoo News

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

USA Visa Bulletin January 2008

Fam-ily All Charge- ability Areas Except Those Listed CHINA-mainland born INDIA MEXICO PHILIPP-INES
1st 01FEB02 01FEB02 01FEB02 01JUL92 22NOV92
2A 22FEB03 22FEB03 22FEB03 01MAY02 22FEB03
2B 22NOV98 22NOV98 22NOV98 22MAR92 15JAN97
3rd 08MAY00 08MAY00 08MAY00 08JUL92 01APR91
4th 08JUL97 01NOV96 15SEP96 01OCT94 01FEB86


mainland born

1st C C C C C
2nd C 01JAN03 01JAN00 C C
3rd 15OCT02 01NOV01 01MAY01 22APR01 15OCT02
01OCT01 01OCT01 01OCT01 01OCT01 01OCT01
4th C C C C C
Certain Religious Workers C C C C C
5th C C C C C
Targeted Employ-ment Areas/
Regional Centers

Website Review :

Though I am not into Software QA, but I do notice all problems of websites. Earlier reported an error of intimespectrum and today its !

Steps to create this problem : {You many end-up deleting couple of emails, so select a message wisely}
1. Login to your hotmail account.
2. Click on Junk Folder
3. Open a message. { Select a message which you feel is a phishing }
4. Click on top level button "Report Phishing Scam"
5. That message will get deleted and next message will appear.
6. Again click on "Report Phishing Scam" button.
7. Find below screen !!

Fabulous hotmail error !

Reproducible : Always
Browsers: IE7.0 and FireFox
OS: Win XP


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Kaushalya Infra IPO Allotment Status

Kaushalya Infra IPO Allotment Status is out and is available here. Kaushalya Infra IPO Allotment Listing date has not yet been announced. Best luck for the allotment.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Commodore 64

This morning when I received an email from Computer History Museum and read about Commodore64, it was kind of great feeling about what we have today and matter of proud how did they start computing... 64KB memory computer, costing $595 in 80s. When I searched on google there were already many news stories all around.

Commodore 64 still loved after all these years is a story on CNN by Peggy Mihelich, also read some of the user comments at the end. Worth reading experience of its users.

Here is the email about the 25th anniversary event -

Lead Sponsor: Liquid Computing, Inc.
Co-Sponsors: ATA Ventures, VenGrowth Asset Management, Inc., Sage Communications, and Viewstream


Adam Chowaniec Chairman of the Board, Liquid Computing, Inc.
(Former VP of Technology at Commodore and Developer of Amiga)
William Lowe Chief Executive Officer and President, NEPS
(Former President of the Entry Systems Division at IBM)
Jack Tramiel Founder and CEO, Commodore International
(Former President and CEO of Atari Corp.)
Steve Wozniak Co-Founder, Apple Computer (now Apple, Inc.)
John Markoff Moderator, New York Times Journalist, Lecturer and Author

The Commodore 64 (C64) was an 8-bit home computer released by Commodore in August, 1982, and during it’s lifetime (between 1982 and 1994), sales totaled tens of millions of units, making it one the best-selling single personal computer model of all time. Approximately 10,000 commercial software titles were developed for the Commodore 64 including development tools, office applications, and games.

Early entrants of microcomputers began as early as 1975, with the first models available in retail stores around 1977. In 1981, The IBM PC release legitimized and expanded the market. During this era of microcomputer innovation, the market was dominated by the IBM PC, the Commodore 64, the Atari 8-bit family, the Apple II, and Tandy Corporation's TRS-80.

The C64 made an impressive debut at the 1982 Winter Consumer Electronics Show, as recalled by Production Engineer David A. Ziembicki: "All we saw at our booth were Atari people with their mouths dropping open, saying, 'How can you do that for $595?'"

Although the history of the Commodore 64 is rich, the history of the people and the companies that developed these early personal computers is also critical to the personal productivity tools and business solutions we often take for granted in our daily lives.

Join us for a well-deserved celebration that spawned a tremendous market for home, small business, distributed and networked technology uses. These technology advances provided a foundation for many companies and technologies driving the Internet, wireless, social networking and other innovative technologies underway.

We thank our panelists in advance for providing recollections and perspectives from their early experiences and welcome their stories from a time that produced the foundation of our current technological society.

Computer History Museum
Hahn Auditorium
1401 N Shoreline Blvd
Mountain View, CA 94043


Monday, December 10, 2007
4:30 - 5:30 pm Press Reception
6 pm Member Reception
7 pm Panel Discussion
Wine provided by The Mountain Winery


Free. Members should register early, as this event will sell out. Suggested donation of $10.00 at the door from non-members. To register, click here RSVP
or Call (650) 810-1005.


About the Computer History Museum
The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a 25-year history as part of the former Boston Computer Museum. CHM preserves and presents the artifacts and stories of the information age and is dedicated to exploring the social impact of computing. CHM's diverse collection of computing-related artifacts is the largest and most significant in the world. CHM brings computing history to life through an acclaimed speaker series, dynamic website, and onsite tours and exhibits. Current exhibits include "Mastering the Game: A History of Computer Chess," "Innovation in the Valley," and "Visible Storage, featuring 600 key objects from the collection. A signature "Timeline of Computing History" exhibit will open in the fall of 2009. For open hours and more information, call +1 650 810 1010. or visit:

Upcoming IPO

Some of the upcoming IPOs with credit ratings from various institutes like ICRA



Persistent Systems Limited

IPO Grade 4

Aishwarya Telecom Ltd

IPO Grade 2

Bang Overseas Limited

IPO Grade 2

Cords Cable Industries Ltd

IPO Grade 3

Kamayani Patients Care (India) Ltd

IPO Grade 1

BGR Energy Systems

IPO Grade 3

OnMobile Global Limited

IPO Grade 4

Tecpro Systems Limited

IPO Grade 3

Higher the number, better the ratings !

Inflight E-Mail Takes Off With JetBlue

The first free U.S. inflight e-mail and instant messaging service will launch next Tuesday aboard a JetBlue flight leaving Kennedy Airport in New York.
JetBlue Airways is working with Yahoo Inc. and Research In Motion Ltd. on the "BetaBlue" flight that will also carry passengers to San Francisco, according to The Wall Street Journal.
A JetBlue spokeswoman would only say that the carrier will release information on the "innovative onboard product" on Tuesday. Spokesmen for Yahoo and RIM could not be reached immediately for comment.
After several months of trial flights on the A320 aircraft, JetBlue will decide whether to install the system fleetwide. Wi-Fi-equipped laptops with Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Messenger clients will be able to send and receive e-mail and messages to people on the ground, while Wi-Fi-ready BlackBerry smart phones, including the 8820 and the Curve 8320, will be able to access BlackBerry e-mail and instant messages.
JetBlue conducted a test flight yesterday on the East Coast, in which a JetBlue spokesman was able to send an e-mail to a Journal reporter and receive a reply. Several airlines have discussed pilots of similar services and what to charge for them, but JetBlue's system is the first to take off with passengers.

Source: ComputerWorld

Its very much required now ! Internet and Mobiles are becoming part of life and spending without them for 20-25 hours to fly to India or US is measrable. Lets hope that all indian international flights like Jet Airways, Singapore Airlines , Air India would have shortly ! I know it will take years though.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

લો કરો વાત ! It happens only in India !

બિહારની કોર્ટે ભગવાન રામ અને હનુમાનજીને સમન્સ મોકલ્યા

ધનબાદ (બિહાર),તા.૬

બિહારની કોર્ટે આજે જમીન પર ગેરકાયદે દબાણના એક અનોખા કેસમાં એ હિન્દુઓના બે ભગવાન રામ અને હનુમાનજીને સમન્સ પાઠવ્યા હતા. ધનબાદ જિલ્લાની કોર્ટમાં ચાલી રહેલા જમીન પર કબજો જમાવવાના કેસમાં વારંવાર સમન્સ પાઠવ્યા છતાં ભગવાન કોર્ટ સમક્ષ હાજર નહિ થતા હોવાથી કોર્ટને આ કેસની સુનાવણી છેલ્લા ત્રણ વર્ષથી વારંવાર મોકૂફ રાખવી પડે છે.

વિવાદાસ્પદ જમીનની માલિકી ભગવાનની હોવાની બચાવ પક્ષની દલીલને પગલે અદાલતનો નિર્ણય

ધનબાદની ફાસ્ટટ્રેક કોર્ટમાં ચાલી રહેલા આ કેસમાં વિવાદાસ્પદ જમીનની માલિકી ભગવાનની હોવાની બચાવ પક્ષની દલીલને આધારે અદાલતે ભગવાન રામ અને હનુમાનજીને સમન્સ પાઠવીને કોર્ટમાં હાજર રહેવાનું ફરમાન કર્યું હતું.

ધનબાદમાં જે જમીનનો વિવાદ થયો છે તે જમીન ધનબાદના ભૂતપૂર્વ શાસકોએ ભગવાનને ભેંટમાં આપી હતી તેથી આ જમીનના માલિક ભગવાન ખુદ છે, તેમ જણાવાયું હતું.

આ રજૂઆત બાદ વકીલે જણાવ્યું હતું કે આ કેસમાં ભગવાન જમીનના માલિક હોવાથી તેઓ પણ એક પક્ષકાર હોવાથી તેમને કોર્ટમાં હાજર કરવા જોઈએ. ભગવાનના નામે આ કેસમાં રાહતની માગણી કરવામાં આવી રહી છે, તેમ વકીલ બીજાન રાવાણીએ જણાવ્યું હતું. તેમણે ઉમેર્યું હતું કે જ્યાં સુધી ભગવાનને પક્ષકાર ન બનાવવામાં આવે. ત્યા સુધી આ દાવો પૂર્ણ થઈ શકે નહિ.

ભગવાનને જારી કરવામાં આવેલા સમન્સ મંદિરમાં તેમની મૂર્તિ આગળ મૂકવામાં આવ્યા હતા. ભગવાન રામ અને હનુમાનનું મંદિર ગેરકાયદે દબાણ દ્વારા પચાવી પાડવામાં આવેલી જમીન પર બનાવવામાં આવ્યું હોવાથી આ વિવાદ થયો હતો.

આ બન્ને ભગવાનને કોર્ટમાં હાજર કરવા માટે અખબારોમાં નોટિસ પ્રસિઘ્ધ કરાવવામાં પણ આવી હતી.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Solved Distance Calculation Puzzle !

When you check distance from you home to a store, to a restaurant, to a medical service provider and a big list - on their respective website. You will feel oh its hardly few miles from here. When you actually travel or try to find map from Yahoo, or mapquest - you will realize its not as near as it claimed on their website !! Is that a trick to attracts customers ?? I thought so until I came to know a better argument.

I am in process to implement "Distance Calculator" - that we used to see on websites. I found that all this calculators work on the basis of Latitude and Longitude. So thats in fact air distance between two places like from your home to a shop. Scientifically air distance would be shorter than road distance. A piece of Java code to calculate it :)

import java.lang.Math;
import java.lang.Double;

public int calculateDistance(double latitudeA, double
latitudeB, double longitudeA, double longitudeB)
double theDistance = (Math.sin(Math.toRadians(
latitudeA)) *
latitudeB)) +
latitudeA)) *
latitudeB)) *
longitudeA - longitudeB))); // Sin(laA)*Sin(laB) + Cos(laA)*Cos(laB)*Cos(loA-loB)

return = (Math.toDegrees(Math.acos(theDistance))) * 69.09; //

મુખ્યમંત્રીની હત્યાના કાવતરાં !

‘એક વાત જાણવા જેવી છે. ’

‘બોલો, શું વાત છે?

‘છેલ્લાં ચાર વર્ષમાં છાશવારે ક્રાઇમ બ્રાન્ચ અને એન્ટિ ટેરેરિસ્ટસ્કવોડવાળાની ધાડોના સમાચાર આવતા હતા. મુખ્યમંત્રી નરેન્દ્ર મોદીની હત્યા કરવા માટે કાવતરાં ઘડનારાઓનો પર્દાફાર્સ થતો હતો અને પાકિસ્તાનની આઇ.એસ.આઇ. એજન્સી એ લશ્કરે તોઇબાના એજન્ટોની સનસનાટીભરી પટકથાઓ પ્રસારીત થતી હતી. ’

‘એમાં વળી નવું શું છે?’

‘ નવીનતા એ છે કે છેલ્લાં છ માસથી મુખ્યમંત્રી કે રાજકીય નેતાઓની હત્યાના કાવતરાં ઘડાવાના બંધ થઇ ગયા છે. ’

‘કારણ શું લાગે છે? લશ્કરે તોઇબા અને આઇ.એસ.આઇ.એ પોતાની પ્રવૃત્તિ બંધ કરી દીધી છે કે શું? કે પછી ક્રાઇમ બ્રાન્ચ અને એન્ટિ ટેરેરિસ્ટ સ્ક્વોડવાળા કામગીરી બંધ કરી દીધી લાગે છે?’

‘ના રે ના.’

‘આપણા વણઝારા સાહેબ હતા એટલે બઘું શોધી કાઢતા હતા. એક થી એક ચઢિયાતા પ્લોટની બાતમી માત્ર એમને જ મળતી હતી. પણ એમના ગ્રહો બદલાઇ ગયા છે. ખૂદ એમને બંધન યોગ લાગુ પડી ગયો છે. તેઓ પણ ‘કાવત્રા’માં સપડાઇ ગયા છે. એ કાવત્રાની બાતમી એમના બાતમીદારોએ આપવા માટે કાચા પડ્યા. છ માસથી એ સાબરમતી જેલમાં સબડી રહ્યા છે. બંધનયોગમાંથી બહાર નીકળવા ફાંફા મારે છે. બીજા કોઇ પોલીસ અધિકારીઓની મજાલ નથી કે એવાં કાવત્રા શોધી કાઢે. એ બહાર હોત તો આ ચુંટણી પહેલાં બે ચાર કાવત્રાઓ તો શોધી જ કાઢ્યા હોત અને આઇ.એસ.આઇ અને લશ્કરે તોઇબાવાળાઓના એજન્ટોનો ખાતમો બોલાવી દીધો હોત, મજાલ નથી કે ઉત્તર પ્રદેશની કોર્ટોમાં પણ એ બોમ્બ બ્લાસ્ટ કરવાની હિંમત કરે. પરંતુ કરીએ શું? પહેલી કમનીસીબી વણઝારા સાહેબની છે કે એમને બંધનયોગ લાગુ પડી ગયો છે. એથી પણ વઘુ કમનીસીબી ‘જીતેગા ગુજરાતવાળા’ની છે.’


Monday, December 3, 2007

Keshubhai's Media Advertisement

Following advertisement from Sardar Utkarsh Samiti is becoming popular.. Today newpapers wrote stories on this advertisement ! Click it to see bigger image.

Gujarat election is becoming very interesting this time. Still I feel that Narendra Modi will win at the end. Due to his continous propoganda since last 6 years, due to his speech, and probably main reason would be no good leader with Congress. If congress would have tried projecting Dinsha their chief minister few months back, it would definately have impacted them a lot. He is very famous as a clean politician and he would have got Patel Factor as well. But its too late now and congress have internal race to become next CM between many others and Dinsha wasnt in that list anytime.

Modi who used be media savvy but used stay away from feeding journalists, is now very near to them and trying hard to get media advantage. Also, many NRIs are supporting him and trying to get Internet Advantage. got few advertisement to promote Modiji. Orkut Modi community has organised a rally in Ahmedabad !

Lets hope economy advantages we have got from the our national policies, will remain in stake in Gujarat - irrespective of the next CM.

Modi seems better candidate than Vaghela or any other congress leaders who are in the race.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

First Snow of life !

Today I saw snow first time in my life ! Rather enjoyed it. Temprature was as low as -7 degree celcius. Roads, houses and road were wearing a white snow on them! Though I saw few birds sitting on tree or on top of houses and they were playing without wearing any cachmere or wool !
Few pictures -

અમેરિકા : ‘સુપર પાવર’માંથી હવે વૈશ્વિક ‘ડિસ્કાઉન્ટ મોલ’ ભણી...

અમેરિકા : ‘સુપર પાવર’માંથી હવે વૈશ્વિક ‘ડિસ્કાઉન્ટ મોલ’ ભણી...
Anil Patel, Ahmedabad
Sunday, December 02, 2007 21:32 [IST]

ગુજરાત ચેમ્બર્સ ઓફ કોમર્સ એન્ડ ઇન્ડસ્ટ્રીઝના ઉપક્રમે તાજેતરમાં નિમેષ કંપાણીને માણવાનો અવસર મળ્યો. ભવિષ્યના ભારતનું આકલન કરતાં તેમણે ઘણી રસપ્રદ વાતો કરી, જેમાં એક મુદ્દો અમેરિકન અર્થતંત્રનો પણ હતો. તેમણે કહ્યું કે અમેરિકા બહુ નજીકના સમયમાં જ મંદીનો ભોગ બનશે. આ મંદી એકથી દોઢ વર્ષની હોઈ શકે પરંતુ સંજૉગો વકરે તો લાંબી પણ ચાલી શકે છે.
ઇન્વેસ્ટમેન્ટ ગુરુ જીમ રોજર્સે આજથી અઢી દાયકા પહેલાં ભાખ્યું હતું : ૨૧મી સદી ચાઈનાની હશે. અમેરિકા સુપર પાવર તરીકેનું સ્થાન ગુમાવશે. તેની ભૂગોળ બદલાઈ જશે. તે કાળે કોઈએ જીમ રોજર્સના કથનને ગંભીરતાથી લીધું ન હતું, આજે સ્થિતિ જુદી છે. અમેરિકાએ ઘણા જલસા કર્યા, હવે પેમેન્ટનો સમય આવ્યો છે. દુનિયા આખીમાંથી પોતાને જરૂરી તમામ માલ-સામાન સસ્તો મળી રહે, વિશ્વ આખું મજૂરી કરે ને પોતે આરામથી ખાય તે માટે ગોઠવેલા આર્થિક શતરંજના દાવપેચ તેને ખુદને ભારે પડવા માંડયા છે.
આખું અમેરિકા ઉધારી પર જીવે છે. બચતદર શૂન્ય છે ! આંધળા ઉપભોકતાવાદે ત્યાં લોકોને સાવ ખોખલા કરી નાખ્યા છે. ગોલ્ડ સ્ટાન્ડર્ડનો અંત લાવી પોતાના ચલણ ડોલરને તેણે ‘વલ્ર્ડ કરન્સી’ બનાવી. બજારમાં ડોલર સતત મજબૂત રહે અને વિશ્વભરનો માલ પોતાને સસ્તામાં મળી રહે એ માટે અન્ય દેશોનાં ચલણ યેનકેન પ્રકારેણ નબળાં બનાવવાની અમેરિકાની રમતનું હાર્દ છે : તમે મને માલ આપો, હું તમને ટ્રેઝરી બોન્ડ આપીશ !
આપણા અગાઉના વેપારી શાહુકારોની ખબર છે ને ? આજુબાજુ બધેથી માલ લેવો તેના રૂપિાયની ચિઠ્ઠી ફાડવી ને પછી પાર્ટીને કહેવું કે બધા એક સાથે શા માટે લઈ જાય છે ? - લુંટાઈ જશે કે ખોટા વપરાઈ જશે. ખપ પૂરતા લઈ જા, બાકીના પેઢીમાં રહેવા દે અને આજ નાણાં પછી લોકોને વ્યાજે ધીરવાં !!
હા, મૂળ વાત છે અમેરિકાની, અમેરિકન પાવરના પાયામાં રહેલો ડોલર ડોલવા માંડયો છે. ચાલુ વર્ષે વિશ્વના મોટા ભાગનાં ચલણો સામે ૮-૧૨ ટકા ગગડયો છે. કેનેડિયન ડોલર જેવી કરન્સી સામે તો ડોલરનું મૂલ્ય બે વર્ષમાં ૩૧ ટકા ઘટયું છે. ડોલરના ડેપ્રિશિએશનથી સુપરપાવર અમેરિકા હવે ‘વલ્ર્ડ ડિસ્કાઉન્ટ મોલ’માં ફેરવાતું જાય છે. જીમ રોજર્સ જેવાઓ તેમની ડોલર સ્વરૂપની તમામ એસેટ્સને ચાઇનીઝ યુઆન કે અન્ય કરન્સીમાં ફેરવવાની જાણ કરી ચૂકયા છે.
મોરેશિયસ જેવા ટચુકડા દેશોમાંય લોકો ટુરિસ્ટોને ડોલર સિવાયની કરન્સીમાં પેમેન્ટ કરવાનું કહેવા માંડયા છે. ડોલરના દા’ડા ધીરે ધીરે ભરાઈ રહ્યા છે. ૨૧મી સદીના અંતે અમેરિકા કયાં હશે? ૧૯મી સદી બ્રિટનની હતી, ૨૦મી સદી અમેરિકાએ નંબર-વનની સાહ્યબી ભોગવી. ૨૧મી સદી તેના અસ્તાચળની બની રહેશે. સૂર્ય ફરી પાછો પૂર્વમાંથી ઊગશે...! અમેરિકન ઓટની અસર આગામી સમયમાં વિશ્વભરની ચિંતાનું કારણ બનશે. ઘણી બધી આર્થિક-રાજકીય ઊથલ-પાથલ કરાવશે.

Alpesh B - Will post a separate write-up Nimesh Kampani on his experience on the Share Market. His views on American Dollars Vs. Indian Rupee. etc. In summary, he predicts 1 USD = 33 INR !
Source: divyabhasker