Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not out at 33 !

I completed 33 today !! Nothing new to share but life is going as usual. More than 12 hours day ! These days I wake up around 5:45 to 6 and reach back to home from job around 7.45 pm. My new car might save some time.

In the title I said, I am not-out not 'coz I am on the earth, but I think, I still can think! Having many ambitions. Want to do something for society too. A person dies on the day, stops thinking!
Though I miss my reading habit a lot. Hope to start it soon with few good books.

Got many good-wish calls today...papa, sisters, friends.

No plan to go out today.. Few weeks back we celebrated Darsh's birthday.

On blog front, finished 4000 page hits today, if at all it does matter.

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