Monday, August 4, 2008

Hindu Religeous Gurus

Accidentally, I read an article on Divya Bhaskar, and I loved it... Why accidentally ? I rarely prefer to read an article written by any Sant, Pa Pu Dha Dhu, Mahatmajio, 1008 Shrio... Though I have some exceptions in this list, like Swami Sachichadanand.

Let me share the link first then will note some thoughts on my religious readings.

For the article click here ! Its written by Sadhu Amritvadandas. I don't know him, never met or listened him. Seems like he is a Sant in the Pramukhswami Sansthan from the article. I might be wrong. Its an excellent article on honesty. Author has shared excellent examples to support his thoughts. Well, that's I rarely listened in any of our religious guru's speech. (I do listen a lot of them, to get their view. Mostly, I don't need to listen the same Guru again :) Why ? On the first speech itself, they present me all of the non-social, non-practical thoughts, which I hate. Why do I ? I am a believer that unless they talk/do/write about society, they are not helping our society. Building temples for their own publicity has very minor effect to the society.

Well, whom do I prefer to listen again ? Who does not speak about importance of Guru, who doesn't not share "Mahima of Dan", who does not share about Moksha and who does not share about Death. If they share < 5% of his speech on all of these four topics combined, I might accept them. Normally its other way round.

I would write why so many Gurus visit America and other rich country every year in future.

Some religious sant impressed me by an article!! Seems to be a positive sign! I appreciate Sant Amritvadandas. Just a note, I am not a Swaminarayan Believer and not doing advertisement of their religious. Just read the article and you will come to know !!

I don't believe that you all will agree my thoughts, neither I am trying to convince you! These are my independent thoughts and you might have your own! I am open for logical discussion to any of the reader, on logical and practical ground ONLY.

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Anonymous said...

hi Alpesh
Parting of Knowledge and Moral has a basic difference. You can teach Knowledge without holding moral high ground where as you have to be exemplary for moral preaching. Most of the Gurus here are very enthu about preaching. but their om conduct? Raam Bolo Bhai Raam...
urvish kothari