Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Website Review : www.hotmail.com

Though I am not into Software QA, but I do notice all problems of websites. Earlier reported an error of intimespectrum and today its hotmail.com !

Steps to create this problem : {You many end-up deleting couple of emails, so select a message wisely}
1. Login to your hotmail account.
2. Click on Junk Folder
3. Open a message. { Select a message which you feel is a phishing }
4. Click on top level button "Report Phishing Scam"
5. That message will get deleted and next message will appear.
6. Again click on "Report Phishing Scam" button.
7. Find below screen !!

Fabulous hotmail error !

Reproducible : Always
Browsers: IE7.0 and FireFox
OS: Win XP


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