Monday, December 3, 2007

Keshubhai's Media Advertisement

Following advertisement from Sardar Utkarsh Samiti is becoming popular.. Today newpapers wrote stories on this advertisement ! Click it to see bigger image.

Gujarat election is becoming very interesting this time. Still I feel that Narendra Modi will win at the end. Due to his continous propoganda since last 6 years, due to his speech, and probably main reason would be no good leader with Congress. If congress would have tried projecting Dinsha their chief minister few months back, it would definately have impacted them a lot. He is very famous as a clean politician and he would have got Patel Factor as well. But its too late now and congress have internal race to become next CM between many others and Dinsha wasnt in that list anytime.

Modi who used be media savvy but used stay away from feeding journalists, is now very near to them and trying hard to get media advantage. Also, many NRIs are supporting him and trying to get Internet Advantage. got few advertisement to promote Modiji. Orkut Modi community has organised a rally in Ahmedabad !

Lets hope economy advantages we have got from the our national policies, will remain in stake in Gujarat - irrespective of the next CM.

Modi seems better candidate than Vaghela or any other congress leaders who are in the race.

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