Thursday, January 10, 2008

Reliance Power & Future Capital IPOs

My Strategies to apply to these IPOs -

#Applying in both of them 100% retail subscriptions.

#Reliance Power - I will opt for part payment. So need to invest only close to 25,000 Rs. Chances are high that all fully subscribes will get around 20 shares per application. That will cost around 9000 per application. They will refund 25,000 -9,600 back to our account later. So no need to invest 1,00,000 as of now.

# Only disadvantage I see is you can not sell them on day 1 if you get shares of more than 25000. But that is not a question in this case. Other point is why one will sell it very soon ?

# Will make application of 1,00,000 in future capital ipo.

# As of now, as per rumors both IPOs will be handled by Karvy.

# Today's market crash was due to basket selling - making room to invest in Reliance Power !! So hopefully we will see market going up tomorrow with the help of Infosys result.

Keep investing !

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