Friday, January 18, 2008

Interesting ! American ISP to go Indian way !

* Around 5 percent of the customer base, can account for up to 50 percent of network capacity.
- Company spokesman Alex Dudley, Time Warner Cable (is is a subsidiary of Time Warner Inc., the world's largest media company)

This is an interesting fact to explore. Like 80-20 rules, for internet bandwidth its 50-5 rule ?!! But many of the internet users take internet as a mere facility for entertainment. Specially in country like India, where millions of internet users exists and available bandwidth is not upto the mark. 5% users eat 50% bandwidth ! Think that, rest 95% would suffer from slow internet !

Time Warner is starting internet service by download-able data size. Like we had in India early days!

Lets stop forwarding emails (which are of no use, not adding any value) like "Vote Congress" - who the hell are you to decide for me ? Forward this email to 15 and you will get surprised gift ! -Not am I a computer literate person ? Why are you trying to make me fool ?

Everyone can do following -
@ Stop forwarding such emails. DO FORWARD EMAIL WHICH YOU FEEL WILL ADD VALUE TO SOMEONE. One email can not add value to everyone, for sure. When you forward to "Everyone" in your address-book, think THRICE.

@ When you register to some groups ( Yahoo, Google etc) and if you know that you are not going to read all the emails of the group. Select the option "Not to receive" emails in your mailbox. As and when one needs can login to the group and read it.

@ Download what you need ! Many have habit of downloading everything they can find and merely they use it ! Rather, download it when it required. You may mark the link in your mailbox to store information.

@ Manage your emails, contacts, information etc systematically. That will save your time and bandwidth both.

@ Many novice people feel "great" when they send ( rather forward) email to many ! Is that s greatness ? Would term as "foolishness". Specially students and new internet learners. My ex-CEO used to take hard step to many new employees for sending such non-sense. New employee (mostly freshers) felt that they found something "great" and send that out to "everyone" including top bosses. And they got punished for it. Dont feel great about it. If its on internet and you could find it, assume that many others already know that. They are good people that they didnt forwarded it.

@ Will Saibaba or Merry or any god/goddess hurt you if you dont forward it ? Never. Do you feel your God or Goddess dont have mind to think ? If you feel, you forward it.

@ Always try to find fact about any forward you receive, like someone is need of blood urgently or any other thing. I always try to find the fact and 99% of time its a fake story. That way you dont need to forward such emails. And you can say that this is a fake story to senders and make him/her feel shame on that action.

Ooops... very long message on just forwarding.. but worth writing it.

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