Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gujarati Language on Internet

Many sites are appearing on internet, which will help more to save our language and culture than our lecture, discussion and articles by many rooted writers. I am very confident on it. Read that again ! Well-established writers or for that matter, anybody, could not do what Gujarati websites are doing and going to do !

Reasons - most of our writers/speakers/politicians or anyone who are trying to save our mother-language are not touching to right audience. For example, many of the highly-literate columns are rarely read by common-people. {Infact internet is helping to find out who is most widely read in the newspaper website !} Rating for highly literate columns and writers that rank is very low !! Who do not write in common man's language are not really widely read writers ! Though they are highly ranked in the field of literature. I am not criticizing anyone, neither my intention is to do so, but just sharing the real fact. Now think that those people write/speak to save our language how may are really listening or reading it ?? To make that effective they first need to speak/write language which all we speak or write. Full Point.

Another reason, we people at Gujarat dont really believe in people who themselves are not qualified. I have noticed this many times. Though we do vote to them because our neighbor ask us to do so - thats a different matter and habit. But normally we dont believe to a carcoon and always try to get information from manager of that bank. We try to ask Principal then any other teacher. We always try to get information from the best available resource in the field. It may be general mankind tendency. But, due to this tendency, we really, never, listen to any politician or other so called famous people unless he is master of the subject/field. We do go to listen all of them may be to listen some spicy news.. to entertain ourself... they remain happy that 50,000 people came to listen us but reality is little different. And, so, they are not very effective to save our language and culture. They do not speak it by heart, they do things differently when it comes to themselves. People don't believe people like that. We need Gandhi or Sardar ! Who do the same thing what they speak !

I have not find many institutes working for this purpose. Neither heard of any fund allocated for this cause. No government worried about this ever... As a result of all these, all of us loosing our great culture and language. More and more English medium schools are in demand. I , personally, don't oppose it. I oppose loosing touch of Gujarati being a Gujarati!

Well, internet will help us more than all so-called responsible. I can see more and more websites is being developed in our language. Many Gujarati Bloggers are writing blogs in Gujarati. Many readers find them. Specially people staying abroad. They are the highly affected people- as they are far from our culture and language. They read lot of sites on internet and they keep themselves very near to our language.

I know a blog site( is having 700 readers everyday !! Our well-experienced writer can not gather crowd of 700 people what-so-ever they can try to do it.. Recently someone from Mumbai has started I see couple of new sites almost every quarter. Thats a good sign and I am sure this is better way to save our language.

I do understand that internet is not touching more than 90% of people. BUT, do you think that all of these 90% are far from our language ? Most of the people studying in English medium from when they started wearing diaper, or who are not in Gujarat are in the most need to be attached to the language. The rest of 10% covers these categories !

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