Monday, April 7, 2008

Encounter !


Anonymous said...

Both writings show that Urveesh Kothari has yest to learn a lot how to emphasize his view point without bering personal to Shri Gunvant Shah.

Mr Kothari, you have long way to go to be even 25% capable of writing what Gunvant bhai has written.

Mohan Patel

Anonymous said...

urvish kothari has less dan 25% of capability of gunvant shah....blah..blah...

oh!! but it's good na, because gounvant shah is in minus ( - - - - - - - - )!!

hinchke betaha betha shabdo na sathiya karva sivay gunvant shah a biju kar-u che shu ??

- prarthit

Envy said...

I am not blind or follower of Mr Gunvnt shah but, Urvish being on a different line of thinking then Gunvant shah (this is his prerogative) looks or comes out more like (what many people accuse him) pseudo secular.
If you always line up with one caste does not give you any benefit as inteluctual, this is my observation and I think he should know this much better as he is quite smart in thinking and writing too! and this one nice quality he has, is wasting wrong will not take him anywhere.Amen

Dr Kashyap said...

Hi guys,
I read a lot literature - both in guj as well as english. And I have to say that by far the worst and meaningless writer I have read is Mr. GUNVANT SHAH. I am NOT being overcritical, but in every single article written by him is absolutely nothing but full of self-praise and proving himself above other gujarati writers. He is egomaniac in every single sense.

Secondly if u read his articles especially based on world events and scientific news, he gives his opinion strongly to a point; even by proving so he sometimes shows his ignorance about the topic and firm but moronic belief.

The thing that gujarati journalism need to think is 'Dont comment and specially dont write articles about the things that u r barely aware of.'
This also applies to many writers of newspapers also, like bhaven kachchhi. That guy had an article on steve jobs last week, in which he mentioned that steve jobs was working in pepsi, and john sculley was the one that invented apple and later on invited steve to join apple.
What a load of trash..!! At least visit wikipedia, you lizard-brained-moron..
And the worst thing is that people call these people "great and genuine writers" and give them awards..!
God save india..

Anonymous said...

If with 25% of his capacity as a writer or columnist,Mr. Kothari could evoke such response,what would happen if he gives his 100% to it?

Anonymous said...

Urvish is writing without fearing extremists.He has his unique way of writing. Gunvant is a mask of so called Nationalists.