Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gujarati Media : Backward Compatibility !

Its again the same topic of Gujarati Media... How poor is the quality of content we produce..well I have an example... I know why this kind of man maid stories are getting published frequently.. Have you ever seen stories of this level in New York Times, World Street Journal, Time, News or any good publications ? I never have seen.

This shows our mentality, mentality of our culture, our beliefs, our living standard, our backward-ness, lacking of fresh thoughts, and above all we proved to be dis-honest. It should be matter of faith, trust, and all good cultural values when we talk about religion. BUT.. allas.. we do tricks and show our dis-honesty in that also ! This is a limit ! Any religion is to teach and control ourself to believe in right values. This example is itself a play to prove something.. I dont know why do we really need it.. I hate the entire chanel - who draw/tricked photoshop the picture, who sent it to the Akila, who selected the story, who approved the story... Simple, they forgot their mind at home for the day. I dont have more words for them.

Look at the effect of this. Lakhs of readers will read this. They already believe in such superstitious stories. They will have deep impact of this. Rather than media showing right path, they drove a mass to blind faith. Many great personalities like from Ram Mohan Rai, Dayanand Saraswati to Swami Sachidanand put their entire life to show right faith, belief, religion to relieve our society from blind faith and many misbelieves. Alas.. One small picture will wash out many minds...

Hope Saibaba give good thoughts to all these people !!

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