Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gujarati Print Media !

Today comparatively a good Gujarati print media website surprised me. Rather its technical issue then a content.

They introduced following meta-tag today on their homepage.
meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="60;"

It keeps refreshing their homepage every 60 seconds. If you are reading something and page get refreshed. It takes at least 4 seconds for me with super broadband internet connectivity. Homepage size is 360KB, In India normally one gets rate of 5KB per second. It will take 72 seconds and before that it will try to load again !!! Broadband users getting continuous rate of 20KB will need 18 seconds when they read something for around 40 seconds page will start reloading !!

Why did they introduced it ?
Hmmm.. Do you think its to give you latest news update ? Latest cricket score update ? Latest Budget updates ? ..

My Answer is NO to all these.. They introduced pop-up advertisement on homepage. Every 60 seconds you will get new advertisement !! If you have allowed your pop-up to remain on. Else they don't earn out of this activity/change.

If one needs to update some content like news, score, etc they can use partial-submit and it updates content without disturbing readers.

Alas.. no Gujarati print media website taking care of readers ! This site "was" far better compared to other websites. The site is none other than www.divyabhaskar.co.in!

Well, they made many big mistakes in near past.. Like readers get "Page Not found" error on clicking any news item on homepage. {The problem was in linking the actual news page. They linked all pages with "http://www.divyabhaskar.co.in" and page redirection was not set on their hosting server to "http://divyabhaskar.co.in" so you always got "Page not found exception".. to read that news story just copy link location of the news item and paste it to browser and remove "www.", I read it like this for atleast 4-5 days in last 2 months !! }

My rating went down this morning about this site, not in last 2 months!

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