Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gujarati Media: Missing web etiquette

Somehow, for Gujarati print media, presenting information on website is not as important as presenting a company to the readers. It is never considered as an important face of the company. Most of the Gujarati print media websites do not care about quality of their site or news on the site. They do lots of mistake, on daily basis. Look of those sites are not attractive. So many pop-ups and high frequency of those pop-up ads. Those pop-ups are on top of many advertisements in the pages. Arrangement of advertisements are like traffic of Ahmedabad. Fonts are not very attractive. Many of the sites coming to this category are very old. They never re-introduce new technologies to show it in better way. CSS based design, Ajax based transactions, designing of the site, placing ads properly. etc are not considered since long. People living in foreign countries are heavily dependent on these sites. Most of them would agree to pay a little for better site as well!

Many times wrong information is been conveyed through these sites, many times many of the links are broken, sometime wrong links, and what not...!

I have yet another example of a news item here which prompted me to write this blog- just read the news...

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