Friday, June 18, 2010

Nice GMail Attachment Features

I read Google Blog this morning and found them worth sharing. I liked first three features very much. Third feature was much needed, many times I forgot to attach a file, which I mentioned in the email.

First feature of Drag and Drop of files is nice to have. I developed drag and drop control (about 2.5 years back for a search company like Google!) to build dynamic Html page and so I know underline technology, (Google must be using different frameworks, still concepts remain same) and also know how complex is it. 

Google seeking major technical advancement or new products to beat other tech companies, will have to keep excellent work coming out !

GMail and other email service providers already using Drag and Drop feature to move email to other folder. I think this is the next era of Ajax. When Google introduce it first time it amazed people like me. New features like this, keeps me curious to know what else Ajax will provide the next day.

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bepresents said...

hehe...isn't it amazing to think how programmers think ajax drag and drop or a new wysiwig is amazing!