Thursday, March 19, 2009

India, USA via Education

Raise standards to compete with Indian kids: Obama

Thank You Mr. President for admitting it! I too, being a father of child started studying in USA, worry about the education system in US. I studied in India, I can relate education systems in US and India. Its nowhere near to my native education system ( Not my personal education, it was far behind than US system even. One of my primary school teacher was not able to speak ABCD...upto Z. Others could memorize, but could not read our textbooks. Entire class used to get mass promotion in English for first 6 years of my education!).

Given the background of today's my post here, would like to recollect few more connections between India and US! Read following image(!)

America has more than 84K Indian students studying in their Universities ( most of them to get a good job and not good education!), which makes India number one country outsourcing students to America! 125K Indian students prefer foreign universities out of that 84K to USA. Hence US is first preference to Indian students and for US India is number one source to get students!

Now one more a little relevant piece, which became very famous during US President Election last year. The next to Mr. President is Mr. Biden, vice president USA. He once said, (see following video) but this surcasting comment was bounced back to him, and he had to apologies openly for his following comment, which is about Indian English !


Unknown said...

Owsome, Please continue write in Gujarati. You write very good reviews and comments over the current issues. I request you to write in Gujarati Please.

Anish Patel said...

Feeling Proud to be Indian....